What is the average cost of moving home

We all know that moving house is one of life’s most stressful events; and it is not just stress levels that can hit the roof. Bank balances can be hugely affected too. In this article, we take a look at the average cost of moving home and what you can expect to be paying out as you begin the process.

Cost effective

Recent research has uncovered that the average cost of moving home today is more than £9,000. And if you live in London then the cost can be much higher.

These can be broken down into estate agent fees, legal and surveyor fees, other associated conveyancing costs – whether you use conveyancing solicitors London or in Loughborough our advice is not to represent yourself – as well as stamp duty. These all amount to an average of almost £7,500 with an extra £1,690 on items such as removal firms and storage fees. read more

Has the ‘Ovie Effect’ broken men’s fashion rules?

With Hawaiian shirts and hats left behind in the 90s, Love Island star Ovie Soko has made waves with his distinctive wardrobe choices. The ripples of the ‘Ovie Effect’ appear to have influenced consumer trends in 2019, but has he broken the rules for fashionable attire?

Has the 'Ovie Effect' broken men's fashion rules?

The retro fashion icon

Shunning the popular choices of polos, tees and skinny jeans, Soko broke the fashion rules and went his own way with loud print shirts in a range of bright colours and eye-catching designs, and retro floppy bucket hats during his time on the island. It seemed unlikely that such choices would be a hit, and yet Ovie’s caused a stir in the media and sales of similar items have had a healthy boost. read more