With Hawaiian shirts and hats left behind in the 90s, Love Island star Ovie Soko has made waves with his distinctive wardrobe choices. The ripples of the ‘Ovie Effect’ appear to have influenced consumer trends in 2019, but has he broken the rules for fashionable attire?

Has the 'Ovie Effect' broken men's fashion rules?

The retro fashion icon

Shunning the popular choices of polos, tees and skinny jeans, Soko broke the fashion rules and went his own way with loud print shirts in a range of bright colours and eye-catching designs, and retro floppy bucket hats during his time on the island. It seemed unlikely that such choices would be a hit, and yet Ovie’s caused a stir in the media and sales of similar items have had a healthy boost.

The 6 foot 7 inch 28-year-old basketball star has become an unsuspecting sartorial star after his ITV2 reality show debut, and his colourful, retro wardrobe has become a memorable talking point. Twitter has been ablaze as viewers gushed over his fashion sense, with many fans predicting Ovie would be swamped with fashion deals after the show – https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/fashion/love-island-ovie-basketball-clothes-fashion-sense-shirts-twitter-a8999881.html.

The Hot Lyst List

The global search platform for fashion, Lyst, has recently reported on their quarterly index, based on shopping behaviours of over five million online consumers. It appears Ovie’s signature Hawaiian shirt and noteworthy bucket hat have made their way onto the list of “hottest men’s products”. The products in question are from the Prada brand: a flame and banana print Hawaiian shirt and a nylon printed bucket hat in similar styles to those infamously donned by Ovie.

The 90s vibe has been making a comeback over time and it seems to be peaking for summer 2019, with Lyst reporting Prada shirts have seen a 36% increase in searches in June, and printed shirts have received over 155,000 searches. Smart, quality shirts will always be in fashion, like Farah shirts at https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/farah/shirts, whether they’re plain or print.

There’s a growing demand for designer brands and luxury beachwear, with increasing numbers of searches and purchases in this summery category. Lyst claims male celebrities like Pusha T and Jeff Goldblum are helping to buck the trend. Although Ovie has been influential, the fashion insight analyst Morgane Le Caer notes that his styles have actually been trending for a few months prior to his stint in the glorious Mallorca sun.