We have all heard that we shall learn from our mistakes, to avoid repeating them. The truth is we don’t and now there is science to prove it. New research shows that we learn from our successes, not our mistakes and I believe this is especially true when it comes to weight loss. If you have tried to lose weight time after time and have ended up with nothing but the weight piling back on, you already know that you don’t learn from your mistakes. What you need to do is stop focusing on what you shouldn’t do, but learn from what you do right.

New MIT Study on Success

According to the study from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), every time we do something right, we are more likely to do the right thing again. When we do mistakes, the brain apparently doesn’t process that in the same way and we simply don’t learn what “not to do”, only what “to do”.

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Learn from Your Weight Loss Success – Not Your Mistakes

Focus on What You do Right

So how do you apply this theory practically to your weight loss quest? If you’ve been following some diet you’ve probably been cutting down on fat, maybe avoiding carbs or just been telling yourself you can’t eat certain food because “you’re on a diet” while probably feel deprived of food you like believing it will bring you closer to your weight loss success. You’re not alone, this is the common diet approach.

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Now it’s time to turn this around to what you should do. Let’s take carbohydrates as an example. It’s very popular to be on so called “Low Carb-diets” and you end up not eating potatoes, white bread, white rice, etc. and maybe not even fruit. So now forget the not. Eat sweet potatoes, whole wheat bread, brown rice, more vegetables instead. Choosenuts, beans, lentils. As you see the focus is now on what you do, not on what you should stay away from.

This approach is also beneficial for your weight loss as you will not feel deprived of what you can’t have but instead you can focus on all the yummy choices you have; choices that will increase your possibilities of reaching your ideal weight and keeping it off. So each time you make the right choice you are one step closer to your finale weight loss success. Don’t worry so much if things go wrong from time to time (and they will). Focus on what you do right; I’m sure it’s a lot.