Driving on U.S. Highway 90 at 70 miles per hour, I had a nightmarish experience when my car broke down near the Bexar country. I had a long way to go and a very short time. Being an experimental mechanic, I tried many techniques to wake up my car from being down and move ahead. Unfortunately, none of them worked. Luckily I had the phone contact number of towing San Antonio services in my cell phone. I called them at 2 in the morning. I was sure they might arrive before 5 or 6 in the morning as I thought they will be closed at 2. To my surprise, a team of experts arrived on the spot within the next 30 minutes.

Professional Approach

My car was an old model Benz from the 1960s. I had not bothered to change it because it was working just fine. The 24 hr two truck wasn’t big enough to carry my car anywhere, that’s what I thought when I saw it. But the power of the truck was so big that they could easily tow my car to a distance of 470 miles to reach the auto center in Louisiana.

Long Journey

My idea was to get the car to a local auto center in San Antonio and get it repaired. But the truck driver told me the nearest centers would open only after 7.  I could not afford to wait for such a long time. Moreover, I calculated the repair and gas expenses that I had to pay if I take the car to a center in San Antonio.

Comparing with the cost of towing with 24 hr tow truck, I found it cheaper and faster. So I started my long journey from Bexar to my Louisiana.

Friendly Staffs

The staffs who towed my car were really friendly and gentle. They gave me enough space within the truck to sleep and relax. We did stop on the way for some coffee and breakfast. But the speed was so consistent that we reached my destination within the scheduled time.

Long Distance Towing San Antonio Services at Your Fingertips

Tow Truck San Antonio

These guys seem to use the best of trucks made of the latest technology. The trucks can carry large loads and travel at maximum speeds without any problems. They don’t even stop at too many places to kill time or just take a few breaks. The professionally trained drivers travel within the allowed speed limits but never slow down at any point. So, I could reach my office in the morning at the right time.


 Towing San Antonio drivers can choose the nearest route to reach the long-distance destinations on time. They are invariably guided by advanced technology tracking and tracing systems. I could use my smart-phone to track the entire route from the start to finish accurately. They plan the routes with such efficiency, which can beat the best highway truck drivers. I was lucky that I got the tow truck San Antonio services at the right place and right time.