The Vanilla Visa Gift Card Balance do not have a strict denomination, you can deposit money on Gift cards in the amount from 500r to 99,999r.The term of service of the Gift Card is 12 months from the date of depositing funds.You can purchase gift cards at any The company retail store.

Gift Card Rules

Gift card “the company” (hereinafter card) – a plastic card with a bar code of non-fixed.  Value the card is activate at the cash node and use when purchasing goods in.  The shops of the the company retail chain activation of the card and / or use of.  The card means the unconditional consent of the holder / purchaser with these rules during the.  Entire period of validity of the card remains the property of the seller in the event.

Of the transfer of the card to a third party (holder), the purchaser undertakes to notify.  The holder about the “rules for the sale of goods using the the company gift card activation.  Of the card indicates that the seller and the purchaser of the card entered into a.  Preliminary agreement with the seller’s obligation to conclude with the cardholder the main contract for the.  Retail sale of goods from the range and prices presented in the trading floors of the.

The company retail chain retail sales contract such an agreement consider to conclude with.  Any cardholder, since the card is freely transmit and is bearer.

  • To activate and use the Card is not require to provide any documents. The gift card is register (activate) by the Seller at the time the Buyer deposits the funds. When the Card activate and the funds are deposit, the Purchaser receives the Card itself and the sales receipt for the amount of funds receive. The cost of a reloadable gift card (without cash) is 0 rubles. Acquiring a Card without an activation operation is not allow.
  • The amount of money deposited on the card use by the cardholder when paying for goods purchase. Amount of funds contributed by the Card Purchaser must be at least 500 (five hundred) rubles.
  • Money deposited is used by the Holder when purchasing Products in the trade network “The company”.

The Amount

If the amount of the cash balance on the recharge card is greater than the value of the selected item, then the balance is blocked and cannot be used further. When purchasing goods in an amount exceeding the amount of the Card balance, an additional payment is made in cash or by a Bank Card.

The Best of Visa Gift Cards for You

When you pay for the select item using the card, the holder receives a sales receipt.  Indicating that the item was purchase and all or part of the money was use in.  The event that the additional payment was made by another means of payment, then a single.  Cash voucher issue for the entire amount of the purchase goods, containing information on operations.  Using the card and the amount of the additional payment by another means of payment.