Along with Fritz and Ottmar Walter from Germany the Charlton brothers hold the honour of being World Cup Winners on the same team.  The tale of the brothers is one of rivalry and fraternal affection as they both sought success on the pitch which they had winning titles and for Jack success of it both domestically and internationally in management. They never played for the same team. Jack spent his career at Leeds whereas Bobby spent his and Manchester United. They both vied for the league title and cups from the late fifties through to the early seventies.

The brothers shared a common football heritage as they were related to the famous Milburn brothers who were their Uncles. However, there Dad was not a football fan and did nothing to encourage them and it was there Mum, Cissie who took them and taught them football plus the local team. It was unheard of for a women to be so heavily involved in Football at the time. Cissie Charlton probably could have done with some Discount Football Kits and if she’d had the internet a trip to a company like would have saved her a fair bit of time and money.

Jack was going to follow his Father down the mines but after a few short months he decided that the trial for Leeds United might be an idea after all, either that or he’d become a Policeman. The interview was at the same time as the trial and in one of those life changing moments Jack decided to be a CH (centre half) as opposed to a PC. He started playing for Leeds on 25th April 1953. He was thrown in the centre half position in defence. The young Charlton was unsure of what to do so he asked the manager how he should play in that position. He was told “see how fast their centre forward can limp”. It was to be a defining moment in his style of play as a hard tackling no nonsense sort of defender.

The living legends that are the Charlton Brothers.

Three years later brother Bobby signed for Manchester United and became one of the Busby Babes a young team that was being built by the Sir Matt Busby to re-establish the Manchester side after the Second World War. This dream was all but destroyed following an air crash in Munich which Bobby survived and also showed great honour by rescuing others.

Their careers were set on the road to success.